Building momentum

30 August 2021

Since starting the challenge I haven’t really gotten a chance to sink my teeth into programming and design. I initially focused on validating my idea, finding my first few users and my plan was to then seamlessly transition into building. Unfortunately that hasn’t been the case. I’ve been interrupted by a few things in my personal life thats held me back from the unobstructed time I really need to make solid progress.

It’s been sucky because one of the benefits of not having a job is the promise of that unobstructed time. But alas life will inevitably throw up other things you have to think about. The good news is that I managed to get that unobstructed time towards the end of last week. And it looks like for now all of the personal things holding me back are gone! So this means it’s full steam ahead.

Here’s where I’m currently at

Researched and fleshed out my idea

  • I’m building a tool for people who want to source software devs they’d like to hire.
  • I’ve niched it down to founders/execs with large social graphs on Twitter/LinkedIn who are hiring devs aggressively.
  • i.e I say to them — find all the devs following you / your team / your investors. Then filter that list by people who’ve built projects using x programing language, live in y timezone/location, contributed to z open source repository, etc.
  • Once I niched it down and pitched the idea like that, my cold outreach success rate went way up.
  • There’s more to the app than that, but pitching it in that way, and to those people, communicates enormous upfront value to them. If they discover the other benefits later on it’ll only be a positive.

Validated the idea and found my first 5 users

  • After doing cold outreach I found 5 people / companies who seemingly really want what I’m building.
  • They all agreed to invest their time to help me build out the product for them (which is how i know they want it)
  • I migrated them to a twitter group so I can ask them questions as a collective and keep them updated with progress.
  • If they all become paying users once I’ve built the initial version, I’ll have gotten to ramen profitability (which means I wont have to rely on savings)

Started building

  • I Have the auth system and onboarding flow setup
  • I’m now building out the main core bits of the product
  • There’s still a ton left to do but my goal is to have an initial version out in 9 weeks time (end of October)

Plan for the next nine weeks until the 31st of October

This past week I took some time to plan and scope out the things needed to get to the initial alpha release:

Week 0 — Already done: User onboarding process

  • Authentication
  • Role based user authorization
  • User onboarding steps

Week 1 — This week: Landing pages

  • Landing page (Something to put live I can point people to)
  • Contact page
  • Privacy page
  • Terms page
  • Setup social media accounts

Week 2: Social graph importer

  • As a user signs up Import their social graph from Twitter, LinkedIn and Google’s people API.
  • Make this an onboarding step

Week 3: Dashboard settings

  • User settings
  • Org settings
  • Team management

Week 4 – 7: Dashboard core

  • Script for getting data from external API’s, indexing it and storing in DB.
  • Dashboard profile list
  • Dashboard profile search and filtering
  • Dashboard profile
  • Dashboard profile starring

Week 8 - 9: Meta bits

  • Transactional mails
  • Security improvements
  • Final polish

That’s it for this week folks, peace,

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